Time for Self Care Tips

Hello and welcome to my blog. So my last two posts have been semi....depressing, maybe? I don't want to make my blog come off as, "you come here to read my sad stories and you may leave being inspired". I mean, I'm not sure what exactly I want my blog to portray. I do know that regardless of what my blog becomes, I hope to inspire and help people as much as I can. Maybe I should make a bar and fill it up with a different color each time I inspire a person (you know, like those graphs used when it comes to charities at a store).

Well, getting back on track, I want to make a post talking about self care tips, especially when it comes to face, hair, body, all that good stuff. When people struggle with mental illness, they may also struggle to take care of themselves physically. I'm not here to shame anyone that's struggling in that department because honestly, I've been there too. My mental health was so low where I wouldn't shower for weeks, almost a month. I was too depressed to do anything. I still struggle with my mental health, especially during the cold/winter season, but I'm slowly taking steps to take care of myself. Throughout this year, I found a lot of great products that have helped me out and I want to share these products to help others!

Before I start, I do want to state that what works for me may not work for others. These products have helped me a lot, so it could be worth a shot for you to try as well. I also do want to state that when it comes to my face, I have a combination of dry and oily skin, and my body tends to be dry a lot. Now with that all said and done, lets get to the products!

So the first product I wanted to talk about is the Shea Moisture African Black Soap with Shea Butter (acne prone & troubled skin). When the local Bed, Bath, and Beyond had a grand opening, I found this product on the shelves. I heard a lot of great things about African black soap, and because it was a great price, I decided to give it a shot. Now with this product, you won't see instant results, at least that's how it was for me. I want to say that after using it for a month, I started seeing surprisingly positive results with my skin. When I worked at my office job, I often got constant pink bumps around my left wrist. In general, I constantly have acne on my face, as well as struggling with psoriasis on my elbow and knee. Every time I shower, I rubbed this stuff on my wrist, arms, knee, elbow, and even face. I will say, honest to goodness, after using this product, the psoriasis on my elbow and knee and pink bumps on my wrist just completely disappeared. I've never been so in love with a product and I will continue to be using this.

The next product we got is The Body Shop Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. I will admit, for years, maybe since I was in middle school, I struggled with dandruff. My scalp was constantly itchy and I was so afraid to wear black or dark clothes because flakes would show. I tried Head and Shoulders or anything that stated it would cure dandruff, and it just was not working. So I read some great reviews about this product, so I figured I'd give it a try. After one use, my head wasn't itchy anymore. The flakes just disappears, and now I am obsessed with this product. I will say, that once you wash your hair with this, be ready to smell very gingerly (I joke around and say I smell like a hot meal), but the smell does go away after an hour. I highly, highly recommend it for people who struggle with dandruff.


Of course the next product is another one from The Body Shop, but this is the body butter. The one posted here is one I use daily, and it's the grapefruit scent. When I bought the ginger shampoo, I decided to try out their body butter since it said it's suppose to help with dry skin. I tried it out and I love it. I put it on every time I'm done showering, and I especially put it around spots that were affected by psoriasis. Not only does it keep my body feeling moisturized the whole day, it smells so good too! My personal favorite scents are the mango, grapefruit (obviously stated), and strawberry. I won't add a link on here, but I also highly recommend their hand creams as well. Their hand cream has made my hands feel so soft and moisturized and much better than the lotions from Bath and Body Works (still love their products, but I love The Body Shop's lotions more).


So this next product is the Cuccio Cuticle Oil. For years, I've struggle with dry cuticle, and it's been awful getting my nails done as a salon and having them point it out constantly. One nail technician I've been going to pointed mine out as well, but was really kind and sincere about it; so she told me to use cuticle oil and massage it into my cuticles. From reading the reviews, I decided to try this product out and I've noticed some drastic changes for the better within two weeks! You use this product three or four times a week and massage them into your cuticles. It comes in four scents: milk and honey, citrus herb, papaya green tea, and pomegranate and fig. I went with the milk and honey scent and it smells really good.


Now I know I have a bundle here to buy, but I'll be specifically talking about the Tony Moly I'm Real Rice Mask Sheet. As I stated previously, I struggle with acne constantly. I read how great the rice mask sheet is for acne, so I decided to give it a shot. Now, this face mask doesn't completely remove my acne, but it does make incoming acne disappear and minimize current acne, so that's always good! It doesn't have a strong smell, and you just leave it on your face for about 20 minutes.


The last product I'll be talking about is the Curel Ultra Healing Lotion. After I shower, my feet become extremely dry (especially during the winter time). I've been using this product for years and it has done wonders for my feet. After I shower, I massage this lotion on my feet and put on some cute fuzzy socks (socks are needed, fuzzy socks not required, but I love fuzzy socks), and then after a good hour, my feet are moisturized and soft. I love this product so much.

So that's pretty much all my recommended products I've been using when it comes to self caring. Maybe in the future, I'll make another blog post and add more products I've tried. If you want to comment, let me know what products you recommend. Or, if you've used any of these products, let me know how they've worked out for you. It's tough getting out of bed and trying to care for your body when you're sad, but it's ok. Just take it one day at a time and you can overcome any struggles in your way. I believe in you!

Photo by Karla Alexander on Unsplash