Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Hello readers and happy Friday and happy first of December...well kind of. So since Tuesday, I've been struggling with something I thought was a cold; after some research and self evaluating, I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection. The last time I had a sinus infection was in early 2014 and I had it for over two weeks (here's hoping I can get better faster since I pinpointed it very early that I have it). If you all could send me prayers or good and positive vibes my way so I can get better, that would be wonderful! I mean, I have a home I still gotta decorate with Christmas decor and it's just...sitting there.

So you may be wondering why I chose this title for my entry for today; well let me fill you in on the scoop. So a few years ago, when I used to work in retail and was heading to my job, I listened to my local radio station. Every first day of the month, the DJs would mention, "make sure you say rabbit three times!" I was curious as to why they would say it, but after looking into it, I thought it was something I should take part in. Now I try not to be superstitious, but sadly, partaking or doing superstitious things runs a lot on my mom's side of the family. Even though I may have some doubt, I think to myself, 'well, doesn't hurt not to do it' because our mind can be very smart and make these superstitions believable. 

Back to the rabbit line! So I found online that this superstition was created in Britain and North America, and Saryn Chorney (2017) states that when saying "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit", "white rabbit", or any variation of it the moment you wake up, you're ensured to have good luck for the whole month (Chroney, 20107). After looking into it, and after having my family's superstitious mind lead me, it's something I've done for about a year now; I even got my mom involved in it!

I'm still unsure if it actually works, since every month I'm sure something has made me down or upset, but there has been some good in the month for me too. It doesn't hurt to partake in, but don't believe that it's 100% fool proof and you're good for life. Life is a struggle, we have our ups and downs, and I may not completely sure a phrase will protect me, but it's fun to do. Kind of like reading your horoscope (if anyone is curious, I'm a Leo). Superstitions are fascinating. We make a product or something of ours that we claim is "lucky" because one time it gave us something good. I am totally guilty of that because I truly believe my pizza socks from Target are my lucky driving socks.

We say phrases to keep us away from harm, or do acts that'll protect us. I know that there's some people that pinch each other every month to protect them. Another thing my family does is when we go somewhere together driving, my mom makes us chant a Spanish prayer she made up years and years ago to protect us from harm on the road. Now I don't know if that's considering superstition, tradition, or something maybe religious people do, but that's another thing. 

Now, I'm not saying don't be superstitious. As long as you're not hurting anyone or yourself, then I think it's fine (I mean, I still do these things). What I'm saying here is don't think one word, one item, or something will be your guaranteed protection. The only person that can fully protect us is us. We must be there for ourselves, as well as each other, to make bad days turn good, to make a terrible week the best week of our lives, or to make a bad year our year. To all my readers, whether you're been reading all my entries, or have just stopped by, I may or may not know you personally, but I certainly hope good days come your way. May the sun shine a little bit more to your heart, may that good news you've been waiting for finally come in, and may you continue spreading positivity and love, because we honestly need that more than ever.

The last thing I want to bring up is I've been seeing a lot of bloggers discuss doing Blogmas. Now I may be considered a "newbie blogger", but I've never heard of this, and I'm considering doing it! My only concern is running out of things to talk about. Definitely leave a comment if you think this is something I should do or if you have any ideas of what I should talk about. I have a few ideas already, but I'm not sure if it's enough to cover all 25 days. Thank you so much for reading, and if I follow through with Blogmas, I'll see you tomorrow!

Chorney, S. (2017). Did You Say 'Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit' Yet? Here's the Origin Story of the First-of-the-Month Superstition. Retrieved from http://people.com/pets/rabbit-rabbit-rabbit-first-of-the-month-superstition/

*Photo by Leximphoto on Unsplash