The Power of Karma

Hello readers and welcome to day two of Blogmas! So I just decided to do Blogmas and if I fail, oh well, I can at least say I tried. So if anyone wanted an update, I'm still suffering from the good old sinus infection, but I'm gonna go out and buy myself a humidifier that has warm mist (since the one I have is cold mist, and I don't think it's doing me any good). Continue keeping me in your prayers and sending those good vibes so I may, hopefully, be better by Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

So today I decided to talk about something I'm sure many of us believe in, or at least have heard of: karma. Now what exactly is karma? According to the dictionary, karma is fate or destiny given to a person that is determined based on their action. In that sense, karma can be both good and bad, right? 

For example, when you're kind to someone you're really mad at (I mean, if you've worked in retail, you know what I'm talking about) and not let your anger show, you could possibly get good karma sent your way. Paying it forward can also be a way of getting good karma (if you're unaware, paying it forward means showing kindness to someone and having, the person you were kind to,  them pay it forward by being kind to someone else). Even donating to a charity or helping out someone in need can also give you good karma! However, donate or help someone because you want to, not because if you think by doing it, good things will happen to you. 

We discussed good karma, so how does bad karma work? Well, basically by doing the opposite of everything I stated above (being rude to retail workers or servers during the holidays as an example) can possibly send bad karma your way. Even being cruel to someone you love, such as being abusive or cheating, could get bad karma sent your way. Now of course not everyone believes in karma, which is understandable.

I know in my past, I've met a few Christians that don't believe in karma, but believe that God will take care of people, good and bad, which I believe as well. However, I also believe in karma as well. I mean, karma is a term to describe having what you do to others thrown back at you. If you're kind and loving towards others, you will receive back. If you're hurtful or cruel to people, that'll also be sent back. Karma is a word that's thrown a lot, in movies, in music, in the real world. 

By knowing the term of karma, how many people do good or help others because they expect "good karma" in return? I know I have many of times. In this world that can be cruel and evil, because we're all human, we shouldn't help one another because we expect the universe to repay us, but because we want to. We should donate, lend a helping hand, or show kindness because we want to see someone happy. Happiness is slowly crumbling, and it's a shame. You know, it's funny. I know a lot of people, including myself, that tend to have the mindset of, "I need to be kind and helpful to have good karma", but do we ever hear people say, "I need to be awful and make someone's life miserable because I need that bad karma"?

Why do we, as a society, want and need good karma, but never think, "maybe I should kinder to that person or help that person out so I won't have bad karma"? I believe we should focus on being kind and spreading love not because we expect something in return, but because we don't want to blacken our hearts from bad karma. The topic of karma can be a little tough, so in the comments, let me know what your thoughts on karma are. Even though I may be sick, I'm gonna keep this Blogmas train going, so see you all tomorrow!

*Photo by Amine Ounnas on Unsplash