Organization is Key

Hello readers! So there was another topic I had in mind I wanted to talk about, but I'm in a rut with it. I know what I want to say, but I have no idea how to present it. The topic is a personal one and in more of a journal entry style, but I don't want it to come off as confusing. So I'll put it on hold for now until I brainstorm more and get the train running on it.

So before the beginning of 2018, I bought a goal planner! Something strangers wouldn't know about me: I love buying planners, but I stink at using them. What I mean by that is I love looking at different planners, ogling at the designs and picking the cutest one that speaks to me on a personal level. Once I buy it, I'll use it for like, a day or two, then completely forget about it. Why do I do that? I know when I talk about buying planners, I sound like a wasteful materialistic person.

I do love owning a planner, and I enjoy writing into it, but the combination of laziness and my mental health tends to get in the way and ignore using it, making me rely on my mind to remember. A lot of people can be good at remembering things, I thought I was one of those people (spoiler alert: for the most part, I'm not). Anyways, back to the goal planner. So I bought this beautiful planner online, where I can write down my goals for the year and plan on how I was to do them, as well as use it for my daily schedule.

I thought this planner was amazing. I can look at my resolutions AND plan my days? Perfect! Once I got it in the mail, I opened it up, stared at it for a few minutes, then...I put it away. I looked at it every day, then it turned to every other day, to maybe once a week. I thought this planner was amazing, but for some reason, when I wanted to use it, I got so exhausted. I was tired when I tried writing into it. There's so much that needs to be written in this planner in order to feel like you're using it correctly. It breaks goals down to monthly or bi-annually, and the monthly planner is broken down quarterly. It just made me feel so overwhelmed to use.

I was so frustrated with myself. I really wanted this planner to work out and help me structure my days because honestly, I forget my goals, but most importantly, I sometimes forget important bills or deadlines. After thinking about it, I decided to put the planner I bought on the side for now, and bought a cute, but very cheap, planner. I do plan to use the first planner I bought, but just looking at it right now makes me feel overwhelmed. Not only is the new planner I bought half the price, but simple and easy for me. It has one page, compared to several in the previous planner, where I can write down my yearly goals, as well as having a monthly, and daily, page for each month. I also like how every page for the week has an inspirational quote!

I bought this at Walmart for about $10. There's also a smaller version of this exact one for the same price!

I bought this at Walmart for about $10. There's also a smaller version of this exact one for the same price!

Planners are a great way to get yourself organized as well as help you remember important dates, assignments, or bills. For me personally, when I write things down, it helps me remember better (also a plus having to see is written down helps me make sure I do it). If you're not one to write on paper or prefer not to spend money, there's always alternatives! I'm not sure if it's for Android as well, but I know for the iPhone, there's an app called Planner Pro you can use. It's pretty simple and just like a physical planner, just in digital form. If you prefer to do it the old fashion way, like I used to, typing down important things on a Word program helps too! Not related to planners, but I remember in high school and college, I would type down all the notes I needed to remember on Word, and it helped a lot to stick to my mind.

If you want to be really creative with your planner and make jotting down things fun, I highly suggest using stickers for planning. You can find them for about $5 or less at any art at crafts store, or even for 99 cents at Target! Decorating my daily planner pages with stickers makes planning, for me, fun and cute to look at. Hopefully my tips helped you out when it comes to possibly buying a planner and why you should.

In the comments below, let me know if you use a planner. If not, tell me what you do to remember important dates. As always, like, comment, share, and subscribe, and thank you so much for reading!

*Photo by Hope House Press on Unsplash