My 30 Day Sugar Free Experience

Hello readers and Happy (belated) Halloween! I hope you were all able to dress up and enjoy some yummy candy. Speaking of yummy candy, I decided to make a blog post about something I decided to do in the beginning of October: going sugar free. Now because I know it’s impossible to completely remove sugar out of my life (it’s possible, but difficult), but I wanted to do something I’ve never tried before. I read a lot of articles, and heard about others’ experiences, when it came into doing this…I guess I’d call it a challenge? I don’t want to call it a diet because I never saw it as that.

I decided on October 1st, I was going to go sugar free for 30 days. The basics I cut out were candy, sweets, desserts, soda, juice, and anything that had added sugar. I didn’t completely cut out fruit from this, but I limited how much fruit I had during my 30 days. There were many reasons why I decided to do this challenge! One reason was that I wanted to cleanse myself from sugar. Although for the past few months, I’ve been exercising and eating better, I still was addicted to juices (that had 2-5 grams of sugar), snacking on sweets from time to time, and drinking soda only on the weekends (which was basically one or two cups). So being able to do this, I was hoping to not be as addicted and give my body time to cleanse from sugar.

Another reason why I decided to do this was to challenge myself personally. I like to push my limits, set goals, and see the outcomes when I accomplish those goals. Now, I’d be lying if I said this was a breeze. There have been many times I craved sweets, fighting back having something sweet (especially around my stepfather who constantly wants desserts after a meal), and even contemplated on giving up. I am proud to say I survived the 30 days, and here’s the breakdown on what I did and how I feel after!

The Game Plan

Now I know when people do this challenge, they go about it differently. Some do only a week, some only 21, some even do over 30 days. I just decided to do 30 because I would like to enjoy sweets on Halloween like everyone else! Also what people intake is also different. While some may completely avoid fruits doing the challenge, I just decided to not remove fruits, but limit how much I have. For me, I decided to loosely base my food intake from this article I read. For me, I did a lot of what the nutritionist in the article said (such as when I reintroduced fruit in my system and what I could have on what week).

Week One

I remember the first few days being very tough for me. When it came to breakfast, I just had a hard boiled egg for three days straight. Lunch wasn’t too bad since I was able to make salads or protein with vegetables, same goes with dinner. I think the hardest thing for me in the beginning was not being able to drink coffee, or even tea, with sugar or creamers. The first week was brand new territory for me. On the plus, I was able to intake more vegetables, find a new love for tea, and slowly became not so dependent of coffee to wake up (I honestly drank about four of five cups of coffee a week to wake up).

Week Two

By week two, I was still struggling to fight temptations to want sugar. By being able to slowly introduce different fruits each week, that helped me curve my sweet tooth or need for sweets easily. I started really appreciating the sweetness of fruits and enjoying the flavors of vegetables. By the end of week two, I started accepting the lifestyle, or challenge, and wasn’t on edge.

Week Three

As I stated in the last paragraph, my cravings for sweets started slowly going down, and I was accepting my food choices. I didn’t see the meals, foods, or drinks I took as torture, but appreciating the taste buds I once lost due to the high intake of sugary products. By week three, I realized how delicious tea is without sugar or honey, and this is coming from someone who basically bled coffee. My want for soda and juices even started dying down, which is good!

Week Four

This week was the homestretch! I was able to eat normally (as in not feel as if I’m on a diet), but I was still fighting the urges of sugary treats since I knew the day was coming close. I think it was difficult for me again the last week because I knew it was the last week. Even though it was tough, I overcame!


So yesterday, I officially completed my 30 day sugar detox! I decided to have a few sweet items to see if it changed me in any way. It freaked me out that sugary products (like a donut or candy) tasted so bland to me. I think the best way I can describe my reaction is the sweets tasted like flat soda. This challenge was a great eye opener for me. It showed me that I don’t need sugar in my life (which is more of a “duh” moment), I can live without it, and feel really good! Without sugar, I noticed the first few days, I was sleeping better, I went to a doctor’s appointment and they saw how I lost some weight already, and it made me feel better mentally. I saw I can enjoy coffee without creamer and sugar, and I can even enjoy tea with nothing in it.

In the comments below, let me know if you’ve ever tried a sugar detox. If you have, did you do it for 7 days, 21 days, 30 days (like I did), or is it a lifestyle now? What were your results? If you haven’t done the sugar free detox, is it something you’d consider doing? Let me know! As always, thank you so much for reading, commenting, liking, sharing, and subscribing!