Loving Yourself Through the Struggles: Chapter 2, Madi's Story

Hello readers! We are now into chapter two, or the section segment, of the series "Loving Yourself Through the Struggles". If you haven't read chapter one yet, where I did a collaboration with the wonderful Kayla, you can read it here! For today's chapter, I have an amazing guest blogger: Madi! She blogs about life, school, animals, and she had a pretty cool post about sharks! You can find her on Twitter, her blog The Sarcastic Shark, and on Instagram! With that all said, take it away Madi!

Hey guys. My name is Madi, I am a young lifestyle blogger, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to write about my experience with self-love and acne, thanks to the lovely Miss Bianca.

My story starts when I was in elementary school; 2nd grade to be exact. I started getting acne on my face and a bit on my back. I didn’t think too much of it because it was really small and nothing too big, sure I’d have breakouts, but nothing too terrible. I thought putting hand sanitizer on my face would make it go away, until my teacher wouldn’t let me do it anymore (probably a good idea she did that). At this point, I was just a little kid, and my classmates were friendly. This didn’t last too long.

Take a fast forward to around 5th grade. My acne was NOT cute. I had bangs for the hairstyle, and with that, comes sweat and oil, so my acne was super bad, but I could hide it under my bangs, however that didn't stop my classmates from making rude comments, not only about ance, but on me in general. From 5th to 6th grade, the males of the class loved to call me emo, fat, and stupid because I played a video game called Animal Crossing. I forgot to mention that my class was less than 20 people, and it was a small school. You can see, this is where the problems started. I didn’t exactly know how to cope with the comments, other than to ignore it, and that's some of the best advice I can offer if you are getting hated on. 

So again fast forward, 7th grade. I had changed schools because I felt I needed to go to a public school to get adapted to being around large classes to get prepared for high school. I had gotten to go with my best friend, too.  I started looking forward to going to school. I had joined the athletics team, and later during the year, I ran track. I got in shape, made a small reputation for myself.  Sure some people didn’t like me, but the people who liked me outweighed it. My mom later passed that year, a short month after I turned 13. I came by my old school to visit, where people were full of sympathy, and said they missed me, but if they truly liked me and missed me, why did they say that hateful stuff about me behind my back and to my face?  I took it with a grain of salt, and thanked them for their condolences. I had started growing my bangs out at this point, and my acne was the worst it had ever been, but slowly was improving, but not fast enough for me.

8th grade came, my bangs grow out and I started seeing a dermatologist who put me on pills, and like 3 other face and body washes, as I was suffering from bacne too. Even with the acne, I would normally be pretty confident, but at times, shy. I started to realize that people didn’t care what I looked like, and I started to love myself. It was a struggle because I’d look at a girl and say in my head “Man I wish I could be as pretty as her.” To be fair, I had my mix of good days and bad days. As the year progressed, my confidence came pouring in. By the time freshman year came around, my acne faded, I started seeing DM’s from guys who had turned me down in middle school due to my looks. I laughed and declined them. If you couldn’t handle me at my worst, why do you deserve me at my best? The boy who told me to “wash my face” in 8th grade, tried asking me to prom. Funny how glow up’s work. The fat girl that was called “Madi Madi french fry fatty” turned thick. 

So here I am in my third year of high school, and Loving myself more than ever. This is how I learned to love myself.

You need to know you aren’t ugly.

            I know that it might seem that you are ugly, but I promise you aren’t. Look in the reflection of the mirror. You are a beautiful masterpiece. Own it.

Be comfortable in your own skin

You don’t need make up to be beautiful, but if you choose to wear it, rock it.

Don’t listen to others, unless it’s positive

            I know, selective listening, but who needs negativity in their life?

 You are enough

            You don’t need anybody but yourself to complete yourself. Do things for yourself, not because of others.

There is only one you.

            Even though it doesn't sound true, there is only one you, no one can replace you. Be unique, be yourself. Live.

I wish you all a positive journey through finding self-love.