Memories can come in many different forms in our life. You can hold memories physically, through photos or in the moment of life, or mentally, replaying something in our mind like a VCR tape (hopefully many of my readers know of VCR tapes). The idea of memories is something that is formed in our life that can change us positively or negatively. Memories can either be good or bad. They can be something we fear, or something we want to cherish for the rest of our lives.

These past few days, I've been thinking about the idea of memories. Starting tomorrow, my family and I will be downgrading and moving into an apartment. Just thinking about moving makes my mind flash back to bad memories. Where we're moving back to, I hate it. I have many bad memories of our old location, and I know this move will be great for my parents, my mom especially, because the long drive to work and back for her has been affecting her leg to the point where she'll need surgery to fix it.

As I go through my items I pack, clothes, plushes, photos, I relive memories from my past. Some good, like seeing items I've collected in the past when going to see my favorite bands, and some bad, such as remembering how much I'm in debt due to student loans. Just yesterday, conversations of memories occured, as well as I had a scare to the point I feared I would have lost precious memories. Yesterday, my beautiful nephew was finally released from the hospital and is now able to be home with his parents. Due to him being born very early, he had to stay in the NICU until the nurses and doctors gave him the ok to go home.

While my mom and I waited until we got the ok from my brother and sister in law to come over, I had to attend an interview for a job. The interview wasn't like a regular interview (you know, being asked the stereotypical questions); we just had a conversation. He was very interested and just wanted to meet me after seeing my resume, so I think he just wanted to get a feel of how I am as a person and if I would mesh well with crew. While he and I were talking, we just spoke about where I currently live and how it's funny how life works.

During our talk, I had flashbacks of everything that happened all within living in this location for over a year. The people I've met, the places I've gotten to explore, they're all memories I hold close to me. After the interview, and after waiting for hours, we finally got the clear to see my nephew. Let me tell you, he's so precious. Last I saw him, he was in this world for 24 hours; now he's almost two months old and he's just the sweetest baby ever. I took so many photos, it's ridiculous.

My mom and I agreed to help my brother out with errands while my sister in law settles in the house with the baby. While in the car, I was trying to send photos I took to my mom, but it wouldn't send. I suddenly saw little clouds on the bottom of my photos, so I thought to myself, 'when did I turn on iCloud?' So before even doing anything, I Googled, of course, if my photos will be deleted if I turn off iCloud for photos. The search engine showed me it wouldn't, so of course, even though it says "your photos will be deleted permanently if you turn off", I did it just to remove the cloud.

After that moment, I started seeing my photos being deleted one by one, and I will honestly say that moment was one of the scariest moments I had this year. I almost had an anxiety attack seeing my photos being deleted. I wanted to scream or break down in tears, but we were in a store and I didn't want to do that. I had so many photo memories on my phone. Photos of people I love, special memories, memories that'll probably never happen again...all gone because of my dumb choice. I tried not to panic or accept defeat, even though I wasn't holding it together, so my brother said we can go to the AT&T store to see if they can help me.

I don't know how it happened, because I could have sworn I turned off iCloud, but the woman at the store told me my phone did a backup, meaning my photos have been saved. I wanted to cry and hug her honestly. I was just so happy that my memories can come back to me. After charging my phone at my brother's house, I saw my photos coming back. I honestly believed I lost my photos, so I'm so happy they came back to me. This week has taught me two things: one, obviously, is to save my photos and such elsewhere in case this happens again, and two, hold your memories close and dear to you.

Like I said in the beginning, not all memories are good memories. I guess what I mean is, when it comes to the happy memories, the ones you adore, the ones that remind you of the good times, keep those memories close to your heart. It's great if you have those memories as photographs, but many memories are mentally saved, so if they make you happy, don't lose those memories. Write them down, reminisce on them over a cup of tea, and hold them close to you. I know this post may be worded oddly, but it's just something I thought about this week. As always, thank you so much for reading, like, comment, share, and subscribe.

*Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash