A Princess and Her Destiny

Do you believe in fate or destiny? Fate is known for being something that happens to us and it is something we cannot control, while destiny is something that will happen to us or be given to us in the future. After knowing that, fate is more negative while destiny is more positive. When I was younger, I used to firmly believe in fate or destiny. I would believe that the person I met who I loved with all my heart was fate for us to be together or destiny that we would be together.

As I got older, more bad has happened in my life than good. Now don't get me wrong, I've had good things happen in my life, but I guess every time I saw something bad happen, what was the point in believing in fate or destiny when I only saw the negatives? Even one point in my life, I believed it was fate for me not to be happy, because I believed it runs in the family to end up unhappy. It's funny, though, because The Princess was formed by the belief of destiny. 

When I created The Princess, I created her to have the power to heal others through love.  She was suppose to have a happy life because destiny would give her "the one" and have a happy life. Yes, it's weird that 14 year old me created a character all about love. What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic! Throughout the years, as I got older, my views on The Princess changed. She did find "the one", when I was 22 years old, but "the one" hurt her so much that she started becoming broken inside, and "the one" became a darkness creature. I know this may not make sense to anyone, since many of you don't know the full details of my character or my story, but I didn't just create The Princess; I created a world and other characters for The Princess based on my life and stories that happened.

After almost a year of hell, The Princess met The Fire Bandit. He didn't interest The Princess at first, but after getting to know him and his powers, and although he was sort of a rebel, The Princess fell in love with him, and she believed this was her destiny. Meeting The Fire Bandit was fate, and being with him and loving him was her destiny, because he treated her the way she always wanted to be treated. A year and a half later, The Fire Bandit became distant, cold, and it led The Princess to slowly break down and lose herself. After reaching out one last time, tears filled with her eyes, she found The Fire Bandit gray, the fire power that filled him with life, gone, and smoke coming out of his mouth. He wasn't him anymore, and that's when the powers that The Princess had died.

The Princess was unable to retrieve her heart power to heal others, her own heart was bleeding, she was slowly dying, and that's when her inner darkness came out. That darkness was a silhouette of The Princess, but filled her mind with negative thoughts, pain, bad memories, and it almost destroyed The Princess. However, as The Princess tried to end The Darkness, her friends, and the light inside her helped her get back on her feet and better herself. She still misses The Fire Bandit every day, but she knows that by bettering herself, and helping others with her love, she is able to be the best princess she can be. Of course, The Princess almost lost herself again because she fell for The Painter. He's a new character I formed from what I dealt with this month. The Painter was someone that gave The Princess hope and happiness again through his paintbrush, but with his paint, he hid a lot from The Princess, which led her to a broken heart again, but The Princess is stronger and filled with hope, that even though it almost broke her, she stepped up.

As I've said before, I'd like to think that The Princess is me, an alternative universe me. I know some of you may be reading this and think, 'she's honestly the Taylor Swift of writing', and maybe so! Taylor Swift and I are two different people, we don't think the same, but while she uses her music to express what she's gone through, I use my stories. I may not be making money off of my words and my stories, but this is pretty much what The Princess is all about. Although she's gone through the pain that fate may have brought her, she overcomes and continues moving forward, because she knows she has more to look forward to with destiny. Whether it's making people happy with her powers, inspiring others, working hard for her dreams, or meeting her true love, she doesn't give up. That's why fate, destiny, and The Princess are so special and important to me.

If you all want to hear more stories about The Princess, let me know! I know you were expecting me to go into more details about fate or destiny, but in a way, talking about my character kind of did that for me. In the comments, share with me what you think about fate or destiny. Also, what do you think your alternative universe character would be? I would love to draw that character and add to my stories! As always, thank you so much for reading, like, comment, share, and subscribe!

*Artwork by wooserr