All About Self-Reflection

Hello readers! Let me first say that if you're a blogger, it is definitely okay to take a few weeks, or a month, off because once you get your drive back for blogging, you're have a page filled with post ideas. We're already almost hitting the half point of June and I still have so many topics I want to discuss! Before I start, I just wanted to thank you, the reader, for deciding to click my blog and read all about what I got to say!

So for a while, I've been focusing on eating better, drinking more water, and exercising. When it comes to exercising, I mostly go to the gym and do all my workouts there. Sadly, I woke up later than I expected (I'm more of a 5-6 AM workout person), but I decided to take that opportunity and switch up that workout by walking, and jogging, on the trail nearby where I live! First off, I've lived here for a little over four months now, and I'm just realizing there's a "trail" nearby where I live. I say "trail" because it's not a typical trail that's surrounded by the forest and such. This trail is nearby a huge lake and somewhere down the line are three paths: one that takes you to the shopping center, one that takes you around the complex area (where I live), and one to go around office buildings. 

It was such a beautiful day outside, so I decided to take my new workout opportunity to good use: do some self-reflecting. When it comes to self-reflection, I tend to do it when I'm blogging, watching a motivational speech online, or just when I'm about to go to bed. During this nature walk/workout, I wanted to take in the sunshine and really reflect on who I am as a person. To help not get too into my thoughts, I decided to download some podcasts that focused on self-help. I rarely listen to podcasts (nothing against them, it's just hard for me to get into them). So when it came to figuring out what exactly I wanted to listen to, I wanted it to be a podcast episode of someone talking about something that'll help me better myself.

If you have a Spotify account, definitely take a listen to Kate Snowise's "Here to Thrive" podcast. She's a life coach and her podcast is so inspiring and makes me evaluate and think more of myself. You can find all about her on her website. So I was listening to episode #95 of her podcast, titled "How Far You've Already Come", and as I was walking, I was taking in everything she was saying. One thing she did mention in that episode, I plan to do for a future post, so be on the lookout for that!

Just to use what she was talking about during my self-reflection/workout, Kate Snowise discussed how we can tend to brush off the great things we've done, big or small, but focus so much into all the bad in our life or things we haven't accomplished yet. I could get more detailed into my thoughts on her podcast episode if you want (just leave a comment about it), but I'm talking about why we should have self-reflection moments.

As we grow older, our thoughts, ideas, and personalities can change so much. I can honestly say who I was at age 10, or even at age 17, is not who I am now. By self-reflecting, you're giving yourself a chance to see who you're becoming, what's changed about you, and what you may want to fix. You may see yourself as a star and the best thing in the world, and you probably are, but just because you're on top when it comes to loving yourself, doesn't mean you shouldn't evaluate and self-reflect on who you are. 

Of course, self-reflection isn't a bad thing. I don't want you all thinking you should only self-reflect if you hate who you are. Self-reflection is basically meditation, and with meditation, you're able to channel yourself and really focus on who you are as a whole. Maybe you want to self-reflect to see how far you've come, which is great! You can also self-reflect to really plan out your goals on how to better yourself. After I really did some hardcore self-reflection, I can see how this is a great way of self-care or even self-love.

When it comes to self-reflecting, one of the main tricks is to do it when you're alone (thus the word "self"). For me, I see that being one with nature, walking outside, and listening to words of encouragement really helps me channel my inner-self and reflect on who I am, what I'm becoming, and what I can do to better who I am. I'm aware that going on nature walks to self-reflect may not be for everyone (due to disabilities, not feeling safe outside, not a fan of the outdoors, etc), so let me recommend some places where you can! For example, if you go to the gym, while you're working out is a great time to self-reflect. If you work a 9-5 job, take those small moments during your lunch break to self-reflect (I remember at my previous job, I carried a notebook to take notes during my lunch break).

I also recommend before you go to bed to self-reflect (which I stated earlier that's how I would self-reflect). Just have some low lights on, play some relaxing music, lay in bed (try to be comfortable), and just do some good old self-reflecting. As I stated, self-reflecting isn't a bad thing! It's not something to do to put yourself down, and anyone, whether you feel low or find yourself to be the world, can self-reflect. I believe self-reflecting is a form of meditation where you pat yourself on the back for how much you've grown as a person, focus on who you're becoming, and plan out what you want to do to better yourself or improve.

In the comments, share with me your thoughts and let me know if you self-reflect. Do you do it a lot? If so, where is the perfect spot for you to self-reflect? As always, thank you so much for reading, commenting, sharing, and subscribing!