Staying Focused

Sometimes, there are things that get in the way of our goals and dreams. Maybe mental health throws you off track, or maybe you're not seeing improvements in something you have your heart set on. Maybe your blog isn't where you want it to be, you haven't found that perfect job or you're still not in a relationship or unhappy being alone. Honestly, there can be so many reasons for being down on yourself. 

For the past few weeks, even a month, with letting my mental state get the best of me. As having depression and anxiety, it can really affect how I think and see things. In past posts, I've discussed how depression makes me focus a lot of my past, things that have hurt me, and dwell on things that haven't improved in my life. Anxiety makes me overthink situations or conversations, how I interact with people and makes me doubt myself a lot. As you can tell, mental health is not fun to deal with.

Lately, my mental health has dragged me down. I've allowed it to swallow me up and slowly lose my passions and interests. I was slowly losing my love for blogging, I was avoiding social media (which isn't a bad thing, but are places where many of my friends are), and stay alone to cry. Once I noticed this was happening, I had to get myself together. I couldn't allow my mental health or the negative thoughts ruin me. I spent years bettering myself, so I had to end the dwelling, the sadness, and the negative thoughts immediately.

Personally, I try to be a positive person. I try to look in the good in situations, try to stay happy, and push my sad thoughts aside. Now, that can work for a few days, but dealing with mental health, if I ignore the negative thoughts for too long, I'll suddenly overflow. So how do I try to stay focus in situations like this? How do I not let my fears and sadness throw me off track? I'm still a work in progress when it comes to it, but I found some solutions when dealing with this sort of situation.

First off, write, or type, it down! Have some thoughts in your mind that are eating your passion or drive alive? Write, or type, those thoughts down. The best part? Once you get it all down and look at it, you can take control of your mind and throw it away, or delete it. Once it's out, you can take control and remove it. When I first did that, I felt such a weight off my shoulders; it's as if for the first time, I was gaining some control over my thoughts and feelings. If you never gave it a try, I highly recommend doing it to see if it works for you.

My second tip? Talk back to the thoughts. I mean, not literally (unless you want to), but when you get a thought that tells you:

Oh, that person doesn't want to deal with you. They think you're boring, that's why they're ignoring you.

You gotta be strong and talk back. Tell that negative voice:

"No, they're just busy, they don't think I'm boring."

It's a habit I'm working on doing long-term. It's not something that'll cure everything, and it's not a tip you can pick up easily; it's something you must work hard on until it's something you do. My final tip is talking to other people. Not everyone can handle your sad moments, but definitely reach out to the ones who can. They'll want to know how you're feeling and care about you. It's scary opening up about your feelings and sharing your dark thoughts, but it's better than keeping it bottled up until it's too late. 

In the comments below, if you deal with negative thoughts or sad feelings, what do you do to make sure it doesn't overcome you? Specifically, what tips do you have to not dwell on sad thoughts? As always, thank you so much for reading, commenting, sharing, and subscribing!

Photo by Monika Dhita Adiati on Unsplash