ONE Bar Review

Hello readers! So I know my blog is usually about mental health, positivity, self-love, and self-care, but I really wanted to give a review about a product I am into: ONE Bar. Before I get started, I just wanted to state that this isn't a sponsored post, I'm not being paid by them to talk about their product, but they were super generous to send me a box of their bars and I just wanted to show some love to a brand I am loving.

Let's start from the beginning on how I found this brand. While some people watch TV or read a book for entertainment, during my free time, I watch videos on good old YouTube. I honestly watch so many different genres on YouTube, from mom vloggers, to let's plays, to memes, to even Vine compilations. During my video hopping, I stumbled upon a channel called THE WADS (it's a mom vlogger who does grocery hauls, Target hauls, what lunches she makes for her kids for the week, etc), who if you're into watching mom vloggers, definitely check her out. Probably a side note, I'm not a mother but I enjoy watching mom vloggers for recipes and seeing what they buy for decorating.

In one of her videos, she mentioned these bars that she loves called ONE Bars, and I was curious about it because she raved about how it's only 220 calories and low on sugar. About two months ago, when I was shopping at Trader Joe's, I saw the bars she was talking about, so I thought, "I should give this thing a shot", so I got the birthday cake flavor and the maple glazed doughnut flavor. So what exactly is ONE Bar?

ONE Bar is a protein bar that taste super yummy, only 220 calories, and only have 1 gram of sugar. In a nutshell: it's a protein bar that doesn't make you feel bad for eating and taste really good. They're great for after a workout, if you're in a rush, or, for what I do, have them for breakfast at the office. I've actually gushed about the brand to a co-worker of mine, family, friends, and on social media. I just wanted to share how amazing it is and wanted to share with others the deliciousness that is ONE. There was a tweet I made recently talking about the brand, when suddenly, the company's Twitter account reached out to me and wanted to treat me to some of their product, and of course, I said yes



A few days later, I received their package! I was honestly just expecting a t-shirt (since they told me ahead of time I was getting one) and a box of one of their flavors, but I was surprisingly shocked. They didn't just send me a few of their popular flavors, they sent me a box with one of each of their flavors! I don't think anyone understands how difficult it is for me to find certain flavors in stores, so I got super excited they sent me one of each flavor. So thank you ONE for basically sending me a month's worth of bars so I'm good for the morning at work.


I love how the bars don't taste like a typical protein bar, but like other kinds of food. For example, I truly believe the maple glazed doughnut taste like I'm eating a waffle with syrup. My personal favorites are birthday cake, maple glazed doughnut, cinnamon roll (it's literally a cinnamon bun in a bar), and chocolate chip cookie dough. Also I need to share that I adore the shirt they sent me! It's super stretchy and comfy, so it's nice to wear when I'm working out or just to wear around the house. ONE Bars can be bought in the US at your local grocery store, or in retail stores like Target or Walmart. I will say, though, that if you want certain flavors, like the peanut butter chocolate cake or the cookies and creme, you can find those in places like GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe. 

Thank you so much again to ONE Bar for sending me an awesome bundle of goodies as sending me a super comfy shirt! If you've had ONE Bar before, what's your go-to flavor? As always, thank you so much for reading, commenting, liking, sharing, and subscribing!