The Comfort Playlist

Hello readers! So a little backstory for this blog post!

In the beginning of the year, I bought a self-care journal, “Self-Care Journal” by Breathe, where before I go to bed, I take some time to read, evaluate myself, and write some prompts. I highly recommend this journal because it has helped me a ton during some tough times. It talks about so many different topics, such as making your home comfortable, detoxing, making a mental health first-aid kit, and a tons more. If you’re interested in checking this book out, you can get it on Amazon!

Alright, back to the blog post! So I remember in my journal, there was a section called “Your Comfort Playlist”. In this area, you’d write songs you enjoy, songs that make you happy, or that put you in a better headspace. Now I wrote up my playlist a few months ago, but going back to that part, I thought I’d share my list with my amazing readers! These are songs I go to during my worst times, when I’m in a bad headspace, or just having a tough time. I find these songs to be inspiring and comforting, so I hope you enjoy!


I remember hearing this song so many times on the radio at work and just found it super catchy, but I never actually sat down to listen to the lyrics. Once I looked it up and listened, I started bursting into tears because it just amazed me how Ariana Grande put into a song the emotions and feelings I have when I feel anxious, or when I have an anxiety attack. When I feel anxious, I listen to this song and remind myself that everything is okay, just keep breathing.

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A classic song that helped me during my worst times since 2014. Paramore has been one of my all time favorite bands ever since I was in high school, so hearing a song all about struggling, but having one thing helping you to move forward was amazing to me. When I hear “Last Hope” it gives me encouragement that, yes, things may suck during a certain moment in my life, but I got this. Things will get better, I have to continue moving forward. It’s a very chill and calming song; definitely one I recommend to listen to.

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Now a lot of my readers will 99.9% might not know of this band, but from 2010-2013 (RIP Go Radio), Go Radio was my all time favorite band. Their song “Hold On” was on their first full length album and it’s one of the most beautiful, calming, and encouraging songs I’ve ever heard. As the song title states, it’s all about that although things look tough, that you may want to give up, just please hold on. One of my favorite lyrics from that song is, “cause when hurting, we are worth it we can hold on.” Just one of my favorite comfort songs.

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Alright, now I’m sure many of you may have heard this song somewhere. In a movie commercial, someone doing a cover, so on and so far. I will be straight up, this is a Christian song. I remember in 2014, when I slowly started getting back into church, I attended this women’s event at the church. I thought this would be a great opportunity to make new friends and just be surrounded by people who love God. There was a woman who performed a song that I never heard of (spoiler alert, it’s “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)”).

2014, especially in the beginning, was a really struggling year for me (dealing with family issues, trying to recovery from a break up I didn’t realize until a year later was abusive). So hearing this song for the first time really moved me to tears and just made me feel so loved…like it gave me hope. That’s what this song is all about: having trust and faith in a situation when things look difficult or hard to handle. Now I know we all have different views when it comes to religion, but if you want to, see this song in a standpoint of having faith things will be okay. In a religious standpoint, see this song as a reminder that although things look tough, have faith and hang on, because God’s got this.

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Out of all the songs in this playlist, this is more recent! From one of my favorite DJs, this song is definitely a perfect song for someone who struggles with any mental health issues or the stresses in life. “Favorite Sound” is such a great song filled with affirmations, words of encouragements, and reminders that you’re going to be okay, don’t let the negative voices to get to you, and you got this! Just find the sound that encourages you to better yourself and the one that believes in you.

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This song is so chill and laid back, but also has some really nice affirming lyrics! This song is all about during your lonely times, whoever it is you care about, they’re there for you. I know we all need that reminder that we have someone for us when we feel alone.

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A song from another one of my favorite DJs. I love hearing this song because the lyrics are so empowering and just encouraging. When I listen to it, and just being told through a song “you will overcome this”, with the soothing singing, it really does encourage me.

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Now this song isn’t like the others that are pop or EMD; it’s a metalcore song. If you’re unaware of the metalcore genre, it’s basically an even mix of screamo and singing. It does give a pop-punk vibe, but with some inspiring lyrics! Definitely a song to jam to and scream, but also to release, in song, the struggle you may be going through. “Never Lose Your Flames” is basically about how regardless of what someone sees you as, what they label you, or if they put you down, don’t lose yourself. You know who you are and that’s all that matters.

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To round up the playlist: a country song! If you’re not a fan of country, it gives more a contemporary vibe to it. I never heard of this song, or even the artist, until a few months ago. Once I heard “Rainbow”, I remember just bursting into tears because the lyrics, the melody, and mood of the song is so inspiring and beautiful. This song is a beautiful reminder that when we get stuck in our moments, or can’t seem to see the end of a struggling time, there will always be a rainbow at the end of it all. It’s just such a beautiful and encouraging song.

I know a lot of the songs I picked were a little bit random, but I wanted to share with you my personal favorite jams I listen to during my tough moments. If you want to take a listen to these songs, I made a playlist on Spotify! Just click here to listen. In the comments, share with me what song you listen to during a bad day or when you need encouragement. I’d love to hear your picks and possibly add it to the playlist! As always, thank you so much for reading, commenting, sharing, and subscribing!

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